CoPED Academy

CoPED consists of five academies and two extra courses that will provide professional certificate. The academies are Sun, Microsoft, Oracle, Open Source and Cisco. This division also offers soft skill training and software development.

Sun Academy [Sun]

In Sun Academy , we aim to provide Sun Java Based training as our core business within CoPED. Sun Java certification is widely recognized in the industry. Getting certified demonstrates your competency and values in the highly competitive technology field. Initially, we only provide the entry level Java certification which is Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP).

Microsoft Academy [Microsoft]

The Microsoft IT Academy Program evolved under the guidance of educators with the core mission to help enable academic institutions to offer world class computer technology enriched with real worls skills. Microsoft IT Academies are provided with the infrastructure and information needed to design the right course offerings, align to industry hiring needs, and deliver a dynamic learning experience to a diverse community of students, all in the context of the most cutting edge Microsoft technologies in demand today.

Oracle [Oracle]

Oracle certifications are tangible, industry recognized credentials that can help you succeed in your IT career and provide measurable benefits to your employer. Oracle certifications are reliable validation of training and experience that can accelerate your professional development, improve your productivity, and enhance your credibility. The certification path is comprised of two exams is offered in Database Design and Database Programming with SQL course; the second exam is offered in the Database Programming with PL/SQL course.

Open Source [Open Source]

Kick starts the implementation of Open Source software in local authorities. Increasing knowledge of Open Source software and developing skills amongst IT professionals. Increasing the number of Open Source software developers and products specific to local government. Easing decision making of those adopting new systems and improve understanding of security benefits.


Organizations around the world are experiencing a shortage of qualified candidates to fill a growing number of networking positions in virtually every industry. Cisco Networking Academy is an innovative global education initiative that delivers Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills to help meet this growing demand while improving career and educational opportunities for students around the world.